Business Transformation

Business Transformation

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Are you looking for ways to create rapid, exponential growth for your business?

We will show you how to massively improve your top and bottom-line business results by applying game-changing techniques in this fast-paced, high-energy workshop.

You will find yourself working with the most advanced business models, whilst at the same time engaging with a highly experienced executive coach who will show you step by step how you can quickly and pragmatically implement the resulting strategies in your business to achieve and secure massive, profitable growth.

The workshop is an intense 8-hour tailored event, focused on taking you and your business to a totally new dimension.

Some of the key instruments you will work with in this event include the:

  • SOCRATES Success Strategy Roadmap
  • Business Blind Spot Assessment
  • Business Paradigm Shift Process
  • Quantum Leap Transformation Model
  • Leapfrog Your Competition Innovation Concept
  • Transformational Mindset Techniques
Our workshops are provided in Zurich, Switzerland, or on-site at your offices, if preferred.

The costs include one 8-hour day for the workshop, for a group of 6 to 12 participants, plus preparation time for the tailoring of the interventions, pre-briefing phone-calls, and a debriefing call after the event. The quoted rate does not include long-distance travel time & expenses, which will be invoiced separately after the workshop, whereby payment of these extra costs is due within 10 days after our issuing the respective invoice.

Once you have bought your Business Transformation Workshop through our web-shop, we will contact you to confirm the timing, location and pre-work for the event!