Intercultural Negotiation

Intercultural Negotiation

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Learn how to negotiate more successfully across national and cultural boundaries, in order to get better business results, in this fun, fast-paced seminar!

You will find yourself navigating your way around intercultural pitfalls and experiencing challenging cross-cultural communication issues from the get-go in this high-energy seminar:
Learning by doing, with immediate feedback, negotiating your way towards success, identifying the key points you can directly apply in your real life, in order to make those significant changes for the better.

Intercultural Negotiation is an intensive one-day seminar based on cutting-edge business simulations, offering you the opportunity to see just how you can improve your results by applying advanced cross-cultural negotiation techniques.

As a participant in this seminar, your key outcomes include:

  • learning how to structure intercultural negotiations effectively
  • structuring culturally appropriate, effective trades & deals
  • learning to manage intercultural conflict constructively
  • understanding your personal cultural profile better (online test)
  • understanding cultural diversity (Hofstede model)
  • learning to apply the most cutting-edge negotiation techniques

In addition, our seminar-participants receive practical, pragmatic instructions on the use and application of advanced mindset training techniques for intercultural business and sales negotiations.

Many participants say that this is our real "USP"!

We provide this seminar world-wide to groups of 10 to 20 participants in English or German. Expenses such as business class travel, hotel accommodation, seminar infrastructure, taxes etc. are billed separately on an itemized basis, with payment due within 10 days after the seminar has been conducted.

Your investment in this program will help you to:

  • improve your intercultural negotiation skills and behaviors
  • enhance your transnational relationships and sales results
  • strengthen your international business partnerships and strategic alliances
  • increase your bottom line business results

This Intercultural Negotiation seminar will teach you in a very practical, hands-on manner how to maximize your individual and business results.