Sales Accelerator

Sales Accelerator

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Our Sales Accelerator Coaching program is designed for entrepreneurs, sales specialists and key account executives who want to speed up and increase their sales revenue quickly.

Please only buy this program if you already have a viable, ethical, legal product, service or solution that creates real, relevant value for your clients and for the prospects we will be targeting together.

If you are not absolutely clear about your target audience, your niche market and the specific value you generate for them, or if you need to first create or sharpen your product, service or solution before you feel totally confident when selling it, please consider participating in our Business Accelerator Coaching program first, in which we will make sure that you are "fit to sell".

The Sales Accelerator Coaching program is conducted over a 6 month period, with one 90 minute coaching session per month, which can be conducted either on-site in Zurich, Switzerland - or by phone / Zoom.

The program includes:

  • An income improvement assessment, which will help you to identify quick win opportunities in your business, where you can access and bring in the cash you may require rapidly.
  • Furthermore, we actively help you to grow and upgrade your network of clients, in order to ensure that you not only get to sell more, but that your sales end up being more profitable, too.
  • In addition, we provide our program participants with a weekly individual catch-up session by phone, Zoom or e-mail to answer questions, to provide support and advice, as well as to increase the level of motivation and accountability.

Once you have bought your Sales Accelerator Coaching program through our webshop, we will get in touch with you with the information about the timing and location or call-in details, as well as the pre-work requirements for your first coaching session.