About Us


Welcome to the Elegant Success Academy, which is wholly owned and operated by the Elegant Success Ltd., established in Switzerland in 2004.

We help business executives and entrepreneurs world-wide to create better results by providing them with cutting-edge management consulting, high-impact coaching and leadership training.

Our services regularly result in:

  • Negotiation of significantly better business deals
  • Accelerated and increased sales revenue and profit
  • Better employee engagement and performance
  • Enhanced team-work and creative conflict management
  • More effective leadership, especially in a cross-cultural context


You can reach us as follows:

Elegant Success Ltd.
Seestrasse 110
8855 Nuolen, Switzerland

Phone:    +41 55 440 85 58
Email:      info@elegantsuccess.com
Website:  www.elegantsuccess.com


Commercial register:   CHE-113.524.483

VAT number:                CHE-113.524.483 MWST


Religious Disclaimer:

The Elegant Success Ltd. does not promote any form of religion, sect or creed and we especially distance ourselves from the teachings and techniques of Scientology.

Please note that we absolutely refuse to work with radical religious fundamentalists, ideological fanatics or totalitarian political regimes.

In order to work with us successfully, you will need an open mind, a free spirit and a strong commitment to positive personal transformation.