Celebrity Coaching

Celebrity Coaching

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If you are a VIP or a celebrity looking for a discreet coach, trusted advisor, or a sparring partner with whom to develop and execute high-impact strategies for your career, your business, as well as your private life, we will be happy to work with you.

We help our celebrity clients to elegantly increase their success rate and generate breakthrough results by:

  • negotiating better business deals
  • setting better, healthier boundaries
  • nurturing powerful, reliable relationships
  • managing and focusing your creative energies
  • pro-actively honing your public persona
  • managing your personal health, wealth and welbeing

If needed, we will also show you how to overcome your self-sabotage patterns, by turning your blind spot into your sweet spot.

Our Celebrity Coaching package includes 3 intense, 8-hour days of one-on-one coaching, spread out over a 3 to 6 month period, plus 6 hours of coaching by telephone between the on-site meetings, as well as a Birkman test to assess your potential blind spot and possible self-sabotage factors.
We will be happy to provide our services in Zurich, Switzerland, on-site at your offices, or at an appropriate hotel venue, if preferred.

The package rate covers 8 hours of work-time per day, but does not include long-distance travel time & expenses, which will be invoiced separately after the respective coaching sessions, whereby payment of these extra costs is due within 10 days after our issuing the respective invoice.

The highly specialized coaching experts in our network assist celebrities world-wide to achieve successful results more elegantly.

Once you have bought your Celebrity Coaching program through our web-shop, we will contact you to confirm the timing, location and pre-work for the coaching sessions!