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Credendo Vides Coaching

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Are you happy with your current reality?

If you discern room for improvement - what would you like to change?

And why?

Is the gap between your current reality and the life you really want to experience significant and painful enough for you to go ahead and do something about it?

We can help you to close the gap.

Typically this gap tends to be a direct result of your perceptual filters, including your beliefs, your emotional state and your mindset.

Yes, there may be many other reasons, causes and excuses for the existence of this gap.

But to be brutally honest:

We don't care very much about them.

Our aim is to help you to close the gap, so that it will stop draining your precious life-energy.

In order to be able to help you quickly and radically, we will need to ask you to let go of things that may be very precious to you:

Your default thought patterns.

Your emotional hot buttons.

Your mental shortcuts.

Your limiting beliefs...

Your beliefs and subconscious paradigms directly impact the reality you experience.

By consciously upgrading your beliefs, paradigms and mindset, you can positively change, redefine and completely redesign your reality.

Reality-design is based on choice.

But many of us never take the time to make those significant decisions that shape our life.

If you sense that your limiting beliefs may be sabotaging your ability to achieve the level of success you desire for your business, your career, your financial situation or your private life, our Credendo Vides Coaching program will help you to quickly turn the situation around.

This exclusive program includes:

8 intensive 90 minute coaching sessions (via phone or Zoom) spread out over an 8 week period.

A complete Birkman Personality Test, with detailed feedback, especially about the potential effects of your personal belief system.

Our exclusive Personal Success Assessment to help you to take your life up to the next level of success, satisfaction, joy and wellbeing quickly and effectively.

2 - 3 weekly communications via e-mail from your expert executive coach.

Through this intensive coaching process, we will help you to effectively and elegantly close your reality-gap, enabling you to eliminate your self-sabotage factors, experience a really powerful breakthrough and create truly satisfying, sustainable, significant success.

Dare to decisively design and manifest your perfect reality - starting today!

  • Once you have bought your Credendo Vides Coaching program through our web-shop, we will contact you to confirm the timing and pre-work for the coaching sessions!