Elegance Book: Hardcover

Elegance Book: Hardcover

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Coco Chanel stated that simplicity is the key to any kind of true elegance.

But very often simplicity is not elegant at all.

If we over-simplify our world, it becomes mono-dimensional, monochrome, lifeless and boring.

If we simplify our world-view to an extent where the good cowboys wear white hats, and the bad cowboys black hats, we miss the multi-colour richness of experience the real world has to offer.

Instead of trying to manage the complexities we face through black-and-white reductionism, we need to achieve a more fundamental understanding of our reality - especially in the business world!

Elegance enables us to articulate, navigate and manage complexity effectively.

This is the critical key many business leaders are missing in the process of managing corporate change or creating truly significant business transformation today!

This updated version of our Elegance book will provide you with profound, inspiring insights and practical steps, with which you can create elegant success in your business, too.

From a strategic leadership perspective, the real secret about elegance is that it provides top-executives and entrepreneurs with the essential key to creating exponential business growth within a challenging, chaotic, complex context.

This updated version of our Elegance book has been republished in 2020 in hardcopy format.

We will be happy to send you a hardcopy of our Elegance book via regular mail from our headquarters in Switzerland.

Alternatively you can obtain an electronic version via Amazon / Kindle or the Itunes store.

The ISBN number is: 9783751918459