Exclusive VIP Retreat

Exclusive VIP Retreat

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We will only be conducting 4 of our Exclusive VIP Retreats in 2024

This is the ultimate get-away for busy VIPs, Celebrities and Top Executives who need to take a long weekend off from work and think deeply, with the assistance of an expert executive coach, about how to generate better results in a more elegant, satisfying and sustainable manner.

In this on-site program, which we conduct on weekends in a five-star SPA hotel in Switzerland, you will get two full 8-hour days of one-on-one power coaching, cutting-edge mental training and deep hypnosis treatment to redesign your life and business in a way that enables you to attract success more easily, lead your business more effectively and generate better results more elegantly than you may have imagined possible in the past.
Allow yourself to be the center of attention for the entire weekend - for our Master Coach will be there for you, engaging fully with you throughout, from the moment of your arrival on Friday evening, until your departure late on Sunday.

The program takes place at a Swiss five-star hotel, with coaching sessions from 9 00 am to 5 00 pm, including breaks for refreshments, wonderful gourmet meals and lots of fun.

The package includes two nights in an exclusive hotel suite and a luxurious SPA treatment on Saturday evening.

And if your busy schedule does not allow you to fly out to Switzerland for your VIP retreat, we will be happy to discuss with you how we could provide these services closely tailored to your specific needs, at a location more convenient to you.

We guarantee that you will be positively surprised!

Once you have bought your Exclusive VIP Retreat Program through our web-shop, we will contact you to confirm the timing, location and discuss the next steps in preparation for your retreat!