Successful Negotiation Masterclass

Successful Negotiation Masterclass

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Learn how to negotiate more successfully and close better deals with the techniques taught in this high-impact masterclass!

Our Successful Negotiation Masterclass is an intensive, interactive six week program in which we teach the most cutting-edge negotiation techniques, enabling you to close better deals faster.

The program consists of 6 live Zoom sessions of 90 minutes each (one per week), as well as an exclusive Facebook / Meta group, in which participants can post their questions, insights and recommendations in a community setting with like-minded professionals.

The next program is due to start on Monday February 6, 2023 at 5 00 pm CET (Zurich, Switzerland).

The 6 sessions are structured as follows:

Week 1: Setting Yourself Up To Win!

Get yourself into the pole-position before the negotiation starts with a winning sales mindset

Leapfrog your competition by planning and preparing your negotiations quickly and effectively with the most cutting-edge techniques

Shape, control and direct your sales conversations towards a successful close from the get-go

Week 2: Engaging In Deep Dialogue

Leverage advanced priming techniques to influence the decision-making process of the people you negotiate with

Differentiate yourself from your competition by helping your target clients to see what they normally can't: their true needs, priorities, motives and business drivers

Instead of trying to convince your clients to buy - learn how to get them to sell your products, services and solutions to themselves!

Week 3: Dealing With Power Play Tactics Effectively

Learn to apply Negotiation Aikido by dealing effectively with the power-play tactics used by today's corporate buyers, so that their tricks work for you instead of against you

Know how to stay calm and focused when dealing with price-pressure

Learn how to implement price-increases quickly and effectively

Week 4: Increasing Your Influence With The Power Of Reciprocity

Raise your level of influence rapidly by leveraging the psychology of persuasion

Learn how to design, structure and leverage psychologically attractive reciprocal trades

Sharpen your power of observation by knowing how to read and interpret the nonverbal cues and body-language of the people you negotiate with

Week 5: Dealing With Conflict Creatively

Know how to manage and orchestrate the level of cognitive tension creatively in your negotiations

Accelerate your negotiation process with the power of the Emotional Impact Map

Leverage conflict constructively in order to craft and close better deals - faster!

Week 6: Developing A Winning Mindset

Learn how to effectively manage your personal state and your mindset with advanced mental training techniques

Increase your sales revenue and profit exponentially with the power of focused intention

Improve your win-rate by using the most effective deal-closing techniques


Your Bonus:

In addition, you will benefit from practical, pragmatic instructions on the use and application of advanced neuro negotiation, neural entrainment and priming techniques for successful business and sales negotiations.

Many participants say that this is our real "USP"!


Participants in our Successful Negotiation Masterclass typically include Global Sales Directors, B2B sales executives and key account managers. As we cover many international and intercultural negotiation scenarios in this Masterclass, clients for this program tend to work in multinationals blue chip corporations active in the chemical, pharmaceutical, financial, MedTech and IT industries.

Our Negotiation Masterclass provides participants with the essential conceptual framework they require to:

  • accelerate and increase their sales revenue and profit
  • negotiate and close better business deals - faster!
  • actively manage and reduce the risk of failure in their negotiations

Each session includes a 60 minute lecture, combined with a 30 minute Q & A opportunity to discuss the concepts and their practical application to real-life situations

The focus of the Masterclass is to teach advanced sales negotiation techniques in a very practical, hands-on manner, enabling the participants to transfer the insights they gain directly in to their everyday sales environment.