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Using Game Theory In Business Negotiations

Game theory offers valuable insights and strategic frameworks for preparing negotiations. It involves analyzing interactions between different parties as if they were playing a game, allowing negotiators to make informed decisions based on the anticipated actions of others.   While game theory and the related AI tools offer a structured framework for analyzing negotiations, it's important to recognize their limitations and to integrate them with other approaches that consider human behavior and emotions, as well as psychological, organizational and intercultural factors. By blending game theory and the use of AI tools with a deep understanding of negotiation dynamics, negotiators can enhance their decision-making and achieve more successful outcomes.

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The Top 10 Negotiation Mistakes - And How To Avoid Them !

In our coaching engagements we often meet executives and entrepreneurs who have made several of the following 10 major mistakes when negotiating international business deals, creating huge opportunity costs for their organizations as a consequence. What are these mistakes – and how can you avoid them? This short blogpost will provide you with interesting food for thought...

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